Android T-Mobile Sidekick ready to return

It’s been six months since T-Mobile retired the inalterable of its venerable Sidekick handsets, but the vector revealed Weekday that a new Sidekick – full with fast HSPA+ data admittance, advantageous Robot low the bonnet – present be making its beginning in 2011.

A T-Mobile spokesperson official to me via netmail Weekday that the Sidekick 4G is slated to win in the vector’s roster this assemblage. PC Mag was the premier to estimate that a new, Android-powered Sidekick was in T-Mobile’s 2011 pipe.

The intelligence comes writer than six months after T-Mobile finally dropped the ageing Sidekick LX, which introductory landed in stores in 2009, from its pick of messaging phones.

Rumors had been circulating for the quondam various months that an Android-based revive of the Sidekick connector mightiness be headed for T-Mobile, and it’s lowercase react why. Andy Rubin, Google’s designated Golem guru, was a co-founder of Danger, the associate that launched the creation Sidekick near a decennium ago.

Danger was finally acquired by Microsoft, which lately proved – and unsuccessful – to actuation its own line of casual messaging phones, the ill-fated Kin.

Time T-Mobile went forrader and inveterate that an Android-powered Sidekick is in the offing, it wouldn’t break any advance details roughly the upcoming phone besides the sanction – Sidekick 4G – and the fact that the sound faculty funding T-Mobile’s HSPA+ scheme for fast data admittance.

It could simply be that the new Robot phone faculty be a Sidekick in label exclusive, with a survival port skin that resembles Sidekick handsets of old, but that’s rightful a view on my voice.

The Sidekick has a perennial, bigheaded record, with the creation Sidekick models – especially the Sidekick II, which was my personal phone in 2004 – delivering a disentangle, unlogical, and smartphone-like see punt when most moveable UIs were ease clunky monstrosities.


The Sidekick’s graphical, icon-based “skip” take made it a shot to shift from, say, the Web browser to an app (yes, the Sidekick had apps, flatbottomed in the pre-iPhone days), but its air movie was the jumbo show that twirled up to discover a overflowing QWERTY keyboard.

For life, the Sidekick was one of the few choices out there for rotatable mavens who desirable a comb program, a operational Web browser, and top-notch messaging features. It also became a red-carpet lover, with Town Hilton famously deed her Sidekick hacked rearwards in 2005.

Tardily but sure, though, the Sidekick descent began to emerge down the present, with no 3G or GPS living until the Sidekick LX landed in 2009. By then, of teaching, the iPhone had already managed to modify the river game.
Then came the outstanding Sidekick server overheating of Oct 2009, which paw trillions of Sidekick users locked out of their e-mail and contact lists for days.

eBook Readers are considered as a revolutionary step towards an environment-friendly gadget world. It is a handy digital device which can store hundreds of eBooks and one can read them any time as per the convenience. Mostly eReaders are compact and lightweight that solves problem of storing huge array of favorite books and magazines which one wants to carry for all time.

eBooks provide a golden opportunity for readers to access large variety of books at same time and eBook Readers are perfect vehicle to carry and read these books in an easier and organized way. eBooks, also known as Electronic Books, are usually in a word processor format or PDF file that can be e-mailed and delivered anywhere by virtual means. Not only ebooks, an eReader can also store eNewspapers, eMagazines, pictures and images as well.

These days eBook Reader market is gaining considerable amount of steam and Barnes & Noble’s Nook is hoping to be the best among them. Nook is the first eReader by Barnes and Noble and in short span of time, it has reached among top favorites list of almost all book reading enthusiasts.

Nook is high on demand because of its innovative and advanced features. It provides access to over 1.5 million titles exclusively available at Barnes and Noble. This first Android-based eReader comes with 2GB internal memory capacity to store 1,500 books, newspapers and magazines. If more space is needed, just add a Micro SD card to it and its ready to store more.

Owning a Nook provides access to download more than 500,000 eBooks for free; courtesy Barnes & Noble.One can download latest releases, eBooks, eNewspapers, and eMagazines at a fast speed via AT&T 3G wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide review

This eReader provides a better reading experience than its competitors. It has a beautiful color touch screen display with one touch control and navigation. Its most advanced E Ink Vizplex electronic paper display makes text appear as crisp as a printed page. It also sports a 16-level gray scale display which offers great contrast with no glare or backlight.

Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary is the pre-installed dictionary for Nook. This eReader also allows lending books to friends and others for up to 14 days at a time. One can share and send favorite eBooks to Nook or any PC, Mac OS, Blackberry phones, iPhone or iPod touch with free Barnes & Noble eReader software downloaded on it. It is the first eReader that allows ”digital lending”.

One can also customize this device by saving personal screensavers with standard JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP images. With Nook’s powerful battery, one can read for 10 days without recharging with wireless access off, which is more frequent as compared to others. All other Nook features are very similar to what other eReaders have.

With so many innovative features, Nook acts just like a library which can be taken anywhere wanted. Maximize your reading and shopping experience with Nook by ordering it online at discounted prices with Barnes and Noble coupons!


30 best free apps for Android

OK, so the Android Market is more similar to Lidl and Asda, than the iPhone huge Selfridges lenient approach of time-at-Christmas, but the open source nature of Google OS means that a lot of innovation, to find on the shelves of the budget.

And the best part is that most of the good things on Android is free, thanks the work of programmers, who just love doing it. These 30 free Android application should be the owner of Androids Day One installs

1 Seesmic

There are many Twitter applications for Android Twitter and shook the stage with the launch of its brand around recently but we are sticking with Seesmic. offering support for multiple accounts, the homepage widget showing the latest tweets and extremely slick and professional design, it is one of the finest examples of the development of applications out there today.

2 Facebook Android

app is the lack of features compared to Facebook itself, but a recent update added support for Inbox Android applications, in the end allows users to communicate in almost real time. The application is fast and stable, with a simplicity that recalls the old days, when using Facebook were bearable.

3 ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO is nothing like Windows file explorer, but if the tinkering and installing Android APK file directly itself, it is essential to keep something in your phone. It makes the phone is like a computer, and makes you feel like youre for it.

4 Job Centre Plus


Hey, times are tough and you have to pay onerous month contract mobile phone somehow. Offers a fully searchable database of current vacancies the UK, it is somewhat cumbersome, but useful tool. Some of the spelling is a little off and the presentation could be better, but I can not deny the possibility of browsing on low-paid work admin in Plymouth from the comfort of bed.

5 AppBrain market Sync

You iPhone users will not believe it, but there is no official way to install applications from the Android PC. Seriously. You might think all the companies Google will no longer be sorted that out, but did not. Which is the unofficial application letting users Appbrain enters the queue files to download market through the computer and send them to the phone, you are also able to generate code to embed that displays the currently installed applications on the website.

6 Google Sky Map

amazing app that makes obsolete Patrick Moore, using the phones orientation tools in order to obtain accurate representation of the stars and planets on the screen. Point your phone at the sky, and then find out what constellations are visible and if a UFO or just Venus. It even works at home, if youre not happy getting cold.

7 Layar

amazing app actually increased recently gone commercial, adding the shop, which allows users to purchase textbooks AR, such as tourist guides, local applications, property prices and much more. But youre still able to use multiple layers of data free to pop over the actual locations, providing a satisfying experience futuristic.

8 Foursquare

social media darling is represented in the form of fines on Android, from Google offers easy one-click check-in, integrated Google Maps to facilitate the Google brand name and home shortcuts option, all your favorite places.

9 WordPress for Android

app wpToGo began as an independent creation, prior to WordPress decided that it liked it so much he bought it rent it for the development of coffee at home. Its very rich, with the latest version offers full integration with other applications, allowing you to spin the content and send it directly to an application for easy updating. Could do with more tools to insert a picture, though.

10 Google Goggles

little news, because it allows you to capture images and Google analyze them and return to the search results for what is considered watching. However, the application is primarily used as a QR code reader, which lets you scan bar codes for quick access to applications and data regardless of people choose to embed data in a strange little squares.

11 AppMonster


monitoring activities and uninstall applications in the Android process is a little clumsy, frankly, with numerous sub-screens to navigate and more yes/no/are-you- or fields to Once you have found through dialogue is the bin. So get a decent manager application. How AppMonster, which offers one-click backup of all the applications on the SD card, if youre the type who fears for copies of everything.

12 AppSaver

Future Android 2.2 update known as FroYo allows users to store their purchases Android Market to your SD card, freeing up valuable memory-phone . But this time, as AppSaver application has at least allow you to save the installation files on the SD card applications.

13 Skyfire 2.0

USP Skyfire browser is support for Flash, pop-up window when it detects something embedded YouTube video. The real activity is supported by Flash Skyfire server, which is all computery things send the file to your handset. bordering on a little slower Android phones, but runs like a dream on models with faster processors.

14 Task Manager

If you come with a little background of hardcore PC , find the lack of Android with a blue X to close applications, some worry that the closure of the application support the OS. That is why you need a good tool to replace manual exclusion of any permanent application. This can help save battery life, but most importantly it is strengthening the sense of control and can For applications with a click closure.

15 RAC Traffic

official production motoring organization, the app is dead simple guesstimates location via mobile phone signals, and then pops the current traffic alerts in the area. Much better than listening to the radio for artery blockages strange about the update.


4 Business Benefits Of Android App Developer

Your business development and functioning are sure to receive a huge impact from the increasing number of mobile platforms and smartphones available in the market. But among the smartphone platforms, few that stand out from the crowd and Google’s Android is one of them. Android application development is one such process that will surely help your business reach high destinations.

Lets discuss here few benefits of Android Application Development:

Low Budget But High Returns

Benefits of Using Android Apps

Google has come up with Android OS for Samsung smartphones with no expensive licensing fees and you can get your Android app development work done with minimal expenditure. he basic costing can be divided into development and testing expertise, royalty fees and test devices.

Ideal For New Companies

The basic language required for Android development is Java and this is supposed to be the most trusted and robust languages to develop applications on. This makes Android apps more trustworthy and effective compared to other smartphone apps. Due to growing economy and easy availability of Java developers, the Android app development gives a nice opportunity to your business to grow and prosper and give you that edge over your competitors.

Various Distribution Mechanisms

You will get numerous options to distribute your Android applications. You can distribute to any number of third party stores, most notably Google or you can create distribution channels of your own to sell and promote them. Since the market is open, you need not face strict rules and regulations and there is no monopoly business against your business interest.

Open Source


The prime advantage of this platform is that it is in open source and you don’t need to spend thousands on getting the license to work on, the royalty is free and so there is no constriction. since the basic SDK structure is open source the updates are all available to anyone and you can also provide the feedback on it, you can also customize and monetize your app.

So you can see the flexibility of an Android app developer and the ease with which the apps could be developed, distributed and downloaded. Android has created waves in the smartphone industry market.

Being effective and organized at work is very important as organized systems have proved to be more productive. In the heap of demanding attentions and numerous gadgets it has become all the more difficult to be productive. Mobile devices can be a distraction unless you have the right apps installed on it to organize your life. Below are few of the best android applications which will increase productivity.


Dropbox is the most used file sharing application in micro niche networks. Dropbox allows you to manage files in fully synced folders from desktop and mobile devices. With Dropbox’s Android application one can access and share any kind of music and movies by upload the files to the Dropbox account.


GDocs is an android application for Google Docs. Using this application makes Google docs accessible and editable on the go. The GDocs app allows you to editing applications that allows you to access, view, edit and sync documents stored in a Google Docs account.


EverNote allows you to make important notes while in meetings and other work places. Evernote allows you to take notes in form of text, pictures, videos and also audio format. Evernote also helps you save your ideas, inspirations and favorite things to the cloud for future access.


Maintaining a to do list and events is made easy with Jorte application. The application syncs with the calendar and allows you to view all the monthly or weekly calendar and to-do list in a 3 page widget.


Astrid gives friendly reminders to help you stay focused and productive. The app is also location-aware and can sync with so it can remind you to buy anything when you are in a specific shopping mall.


Springpad is cool application which allows you to save items to your virtual notebook. It pulls data from related applications, websites and helps you take actions on your lists.


Google g1 phone

It seems that Google is trying to dominate the world yet. Not only have most of cyberspace, they have come to the conclusion that the time for a foray into the mobile market and mobile handheld gadget. This adventure is the Google Android operating system, that place on a Linux platform and Open Source, and well placed to reach the market in large-scale hand.

Android Inc. was acquired by Google in 2005, and that’s why the rumors about his foray into telephony cell. The Android was almost unknown outside of Google HQ, and all we knew that they (Google) has developed a cell phone software. They began working on an operating system based on Linux, and should be the target of a series of cell phone manufacturers in the world. And because the operating system must be applications open-source can be used with compatible devices can be created.


A year later, rumors began to surface again, with increasing Speculation Google is developing a device called the GPhone. In fact, Google is testing the waters on the market for mobile payment system. It is the system that lets users send a text message from Google with details of a specific payment made to third parties. The system was patented in 2007 and is essentially a design eWallet type that acts in a similar vain to online banking under user accounts with money and credit, then the same amount to the beneficiary’s account. This system can be used as credit at stores or other debit cards, on the basis that it is very safe. A potential user should also be able to see the details bank statements and on their mobile devices, giving rise to facilitate financial management.

All well and good, but what happened all the speculation always on the phone from Google? Well, T-Mobile announced the G1 GPhone will be in stores later this year. The G1 phone will be pre-loaded with Gmail, Google Talk and Google Maps as well as benefit from open source Android Market.

For those unfortunates who can not write Java (programming language Android), a plethora of other phones that can be obtained will be held, and would still be a variety of features to continue.

GPS systems used to be the exclusive domain of military and companies that could afford this relatively young technology. It is used for precision pin-point location on the surface of the land of these devices have gravitated in the consumer market and are now more affordable then, so almost any person. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years that many suppliers have GPS plug-ins that allow you to transform your PDA into a GPS unit.

In terms Simply put, a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a handheld computer that falls mainly on the palm of your hand. Think BlackBerry and you have the general idea, and indeed, many of these PDAs have become mobile phones, giving you the communication and numeracy skills than we could dream that is only 10 years.


For there are some things you should think when it comes to PDA and GPS. Firstly many of the new PDA / cell phone devices come with GPS capability already built in. In some If you pay extra May this function, but it takes a lot of the guesswork of choosing a GPS system that works best for you.

At the other end of the spectrum are PDAs with GPS capabilities built in. This does not mean you can not enjoy anything GPS has to offer, because you can buy equipment and additional software to do just that. For example, if you have a Magellan GPS Companion Palm m500 is the plug-in for you. It will turn your Palm into a full GPS receiver functional.

There are also hybrid type of PDA / GPS which is a collaboration between decision makers and PDA GPS. An example of this type of device is the IQue300 Garmin was the first mechanism PDAs include GPS technology built in. The operating system is Palm OS 5, while Garmin provides GPS functionality. This unit has grown to be able to respond to voice commands.

There are a variety of options when it comes to GPS devices, PDA type. Who makes the best their needs is something that has to be determined. The best way to understand this is through extensive research of various units and decide which GPS unit will do what you need.

The Nokia E75

The Nokia E75

The Nokia E  75 is a hardcore business user of mobile email with large and QWERTY keyboard functions. The HTC Touch Pro 2 3G telephony business intelligent communication functions and also focused on a QWERTY keyboard as its main attraction.

Physical Design

The Nokia E75-2

The Nokia E75 is a smaller phone compared with the HTC Touch Pro 2. While the E75 has a vital 111.8 x 50 x 14.4 mm, the Pro2 is much greater with dimensions of 116 x 59.2 x 17.3 mm. The Nokia 139 grams of weight is lighter than the HTC phone, which weighs 175 grams. The Touch Pro 2 has a large touchscreen TFT of 3.6 inches wide resistance, while the E75 has a TFT display is less than 2.4 cm wide. The two phones have an accelerometer for auto screen rotation.


Both the E75 and Pro2 are focused on mobile business with a strong emphasis on communication skills. Both phones have excellent full QWERTY. E-mail the Nokia E75 is optimized for communication to the contractor. Its role-mail client is well advanced. The HTC Touch Pro 2 has a feature without problems to speak frankly without e-mail to one or more conference calls and conference calls complete. Speakers and a microphone high quality conferences are clearly different phone. Its interface allows for multiparty conference calls easy.


The Nokia phone has a 3.2 megapixel camera with high resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. It has an autofocus and an LED flash for better image quality. The model HTC has a 3.15 mega pixel camera with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The camera has an auto focus to improve image quality.


The Nokia E75-3

The E75 can record videos in VGA resolution. It has a secondary VGA video call camera. The HTC Pro 2 can also record video and has a second camera for video calls.

The Nokia E75 has a music player that supports MP3/MP4/eAAC + / formats WMA audio files. It also has FM radio with RDS to add audio entertainment. It also has an audio connector 3.5 mm headphone jack. The touch Pro2 has an MP3 player and FM radio with RDS enabled too. Both phones have a Blue tooth connectivity to enable a listening experience wirelessly.

The E75 supports games, including downloaded Internet for these. Ngage The phone is compatible to enhance the gaming experience. The Pro 2 is compatible with games too.


The Nokia E75

The Nokia E75 has HSCSD HSDPA 3.6Mbps, EDGE and Wi Fi Internet speed up and improve your Internet experience. Your browser WAP2, XHTML and HTML technologies browsing experience rapidly and smoothly. The HTC Touch Pro 2 has HSCSD, EDGE, Wi-Fi and HSDPA 7.2Mbps to improve Internet connection speeds. Browser only supports technology HTML.

Mobile phone is one of the best entertainment and communication devises in the world. Everybody wants to connect with the world, and mobile is one of the cheapest medium to connect with your loved ones. Mobile is not only a medium of communication but also people are using it as entertainment devices because you can easily watch audio, video and pictures on Mobile phone. UK is one of the leading mobile users’ countries in the world. People of UK are searching best Phone deals.

Best Mobile phone deals are totally depending on latest technology, price and service. Today people want to buy latest technology mobile phone to get all advance features of market. But price is one of the big problems among these mobile buyers. On of the best Mobile Phone deals are the contract mobile phone. It is one of the most popular mobile phone deals in UK which provide you latest technology with affordable price. By this deals you easily get reliable and affordable network service provider and advance technology. Mobile service provider and you come altogether and make a contract for pre-specified time.

There are many cheap iPhone deals in UK are available which provide you best service with attractive tariff plans on affordable price. Pay as you go Samsung mobile phone deals is one of the best mobile phone deals in UK which provide you lots of offers for mobile users like free Sim, talk time and ring tunes. Other best mobile phone deals are 9, 12 or 18 months Line Rental, Pay monthly mobile phone and Sim Free mobile phones etc. There are many UK best phone deals are available on websites which you can find easily. But before buying any product or deals, you must do wide research of the market.

Samsung Galaxy Guide – three best Galaxy phones available in Kenya Market

If you are looking for something that will accommodate you with your family, a device that you will feel proud to walk with whenever you go, Samsung mobile phone is the right choice. Samsung Galaxy family was made to connect families and friends since it has proved to be the best ideal smartphone in Kenya today. In the recent flagship, we have witnessed three great Samsung mobile phones in Kenya that have taken over with a storm; they include the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S4 that fits you excellently irrespective of your former gadget. This is a phone that you will walk with, and people may think that you have joined the Kenyan corrupt officials. Anyway, that’s a story for another day. Today let’s take a look at these phones before you may think of investing your money in another scam business. Did I just say that? Let’s get back to business;

  • Galaxy Note II – Enhance Creativity

If you are craving for inspiration, then this is the right device for you this season. It is the right device at the right time. Samsung mobile phones have come to enhance educations and professionalism in Kenya. This Galaxy Note II allows you to write, with the high-sensitive S Pen, which again lets you draw real sketches that express who you are. I know you are the kind of a person that goes in a meeting without anything to write on, do not worry, Samsung Mobile had you in mind when they manufactured this Samsung Galaxy S II. This all you need to be complete.

Some managers or moderators usually tells us to write without notice. Samsung Galaxy S II has a Popup Note feature that allows you to write immediately or take command within no much time. Also, this technology does not stop there, some of us have awful handwriting, and this gadget, therefore, can translate your handwriting into a plain text that you can send or save later as a final draft. Thanks to Samsung cell phones that everything now is a matter of a button. All your ideas can be brought into reality using this device by providing all the tools and templates that you may need in your every day’s work. It is a matter of a second to copy and paste any content that you intend to send or save using the Easy Clip.

There is that time that you need to show up a particular picture, but you get delayed trying to pop it out. Worry no more! Samsung mobile phone never sleeps with an idea. You will do this so quickly with this device. All you need is to hover the S Pen, and the image will be previewed in a matter of seconds. All I can say with this device is that your life will never be the same again. It will be turned into more productive yet packed up with top-notch creativity.

  • Galaxy Note 10.1 – Achieve More at Home

Now this is the gadget that Samsung mobile phone made with no hurry. Entertain your family with this gadget and let them learn and discover with Samsung Note 10.1. After you have everything in your room, you are not complete till you include this Samsung device in your home. Samsung allows you and your family to share the display when reading that inspirational book, watching a movie or just playing a game with your kids. How beautiful is that?

All the content you may need in a device is achievable with this Samsung gadget. You can easily download movies using the Samsung’s Video Hub capability. Apart from entertainment, there is the Learning Hub that allows you to get all books that you may need in your portable library. And if you like playing games, then this is the right choice for you.

When it comes to content creation, this is the only thing that you need. The S Pen comes with powerful tools that help you create documents and personalized files like birthday greetings cards. If you like art, this Samsung device has the Adobe Photoshop software that gives you the freedom to manipulate images to your preference. The choice is yours, and your life will be easier and get richer in many ways. The Galaxy family has a lot in the store just for you and your loved ones.

  • Galaxy S4 – Life Companion

This is what we call fun packed all together to turn your life simpler, richer and a life companion gadget. Samsung, mobile phones in Kenya, offers the best regarding great moments capturing capabilities. This Galaxy S4 will take your photography skills to another level. The back and the front cameras are known to synchronize your images and also join everything including audios for a better memory creating. Additionally to this, there is the S Translator that brings people together from different backgrounds. This feature allows you to text and translate to your favorite language. You also have the freedom to air your views and opinions using the ChatON and it’s embedded on your home screen for easy maneuvering.

When you buy a Samsung mobile phone in Kenya, you have to know that you have purchased a high-tech device that will do more than you can imagine. The Galaxy S4 has the Smart Pause that uses the eye recognition technology. Now you are asking yourself how this feature works, well this feature follows your eye to where it stops and looks. Immediately it will click itself to that specification and give you the best multitasking at your disposal.

Every Samsung mobile phone minds about your health at any given time. This Galaxy S4 comes with an S Health feature that monitors your fitness health as well as daily goals. Through the general settings, it will work under your specifications and by the end of the day give you the best lifestyle that truly fits your health. You don’t have to fit the Galaxy S4; it will fit you instead.

How do you choose the best Samsung mobile phone?

Samsung phones

We have to agree that smartphone development and majorly Samsung is trying its level best to compete in this industry. The consumers are reacting to the prices in every single day. By the end of it all, only the best survives! However, Samsung mobile phones in Kenya stand out and tops in a country where smartphones are very cheap compared to the rest of the world. After the release of the Galaxy series, this brand has taken over in all spheres of life. There is a tremendous technological advancement and choosing the right Samsung mobile phone is a bit confusing. I don’t want you to join this confused crowd; I will offer these tips for free. Watch this space!

  1. Know your budget: It is always good to estimate your budget and also explore different models to rest on the right phone that truly matches your pocket. Before you think of that Samsung mobile phone, you saw with a friend, first set your budget.
  2. Set your requirements: So this is the section that I ask you, who are you? If you are a business person, you may need a Samsung phone that has certain features and apps. Evaluating your requirements will help you realize which phone that correctly matches your position in the society. Samsung mobile has all the taste that you would desire in the Kenyan setting.
  3. Select the right OS: I know you don’t know that Samsung has Windows, Android, Bada, Symbian and other old operating platforms. Now you know! This company offers everything you may need on a phone, from Omnia series to Galaxy series everything is under one platform just to make sure you are sorted all round.
  4. Know the specifications: This is the part that people eye a lot. Your Samsung mobile phone specifications include the processor, connectivity, internal memory, RAM, and other multimedia enhancements. Samsung Mobile has both 3G and 4G that provide high-speed responsiveness and processing rate offering high-speed data transfer.
  5. Get three Samsung smartphones to compare: When you have finalized in everything and checked if everything you needed is available. Select three Samsung mobile phones and choose the best deal that best matches your budget and or any other thing you have been looking for. Your model of choice should have everything listed above.


All in all, find the right Galaxy model that best suits your desires. It is a free world, and no one should dictate to you what you should own. Also, you don’t need to be a copy cat! Be unique with Samsung mobile phone. Explore the amazing features that come with Samsung gadgets from all the price ranges in stock. Samsung Company has everything for everyone. Buying this gadget is the best decision you can make in a country that has become a dumpsite of all fake cell phones. Call it creativity or connectivity; these are the only vocabularies available in the Samsung’s family.


Nokia 500

Nokia has been working hard on its Symbian line and its latest creation running on Symbian Anna is the Nokia 500. At times when smartphones prices are sky rocketing it’s perfect timing that a phone like the Nokia 500 has been released as not only is it affordable, it has pretty decent specs to go with it. So now it’s time to find out if it’s going to succeed in this competitive market.



The Finnish giants have decided to go with the candybar design for the Nokia 500. It has a narrow rectangular front and a battery cover that has been tapered and given a soft-touch plastic finish. Measuring 4.38 x 2.12 x 0.56 inches it is not fat, but at the same time is nowhere close to the being thin either. However, hold it in your hand and you won’t feel it being that thick as it fits snuggly and its narrow front makes it possible to operate it with just one hand. The back is designed to show its nice curve and in the midst of that beauty sits a 5MP camera. Let’s talk more about the back of the phone, as the Nokia 500 has options for changing the color of the battery cover to make things more interesting for the youth market. To make things easy for you, the back cover can be slid open with one simple click. Not boasting a large screen, Nokia has opted for a 3.2 inch plain LCD display to go with the Nokia 500. Under the screen you will find three buttons for call, end and one to open up the main menu. The power button which also doubles as the lock button actually sits on the right side of the phone together with the volume rocker. Meanwhile, the absence of the power button on the top of the phone means there is room for fitting the microUSB port and the standard audio jack.



This phone is powered by a 1GHz processor and is running on the Symbian Anna which means the Nokia 500 runs a lot faster than its friends like the Nokia N8 or Nokia C7 that only had a 680MHz CPU on board. However, instead of giving the Nokia 500 a 512MB RAM like we see on the Nokia 701 it has only got a 256MB RAM making it slow when it comes to installing apps, a problem we didn’t see on the Nokia 701. Nevertheless, it’s pretty decent specs for the price we are asked to pay.

So as we had mentioned earlier, Symbian Anna is the core of this phone although you can expect an upgrade to Symbian Belle at some point which is good. So with Anna, you get the usual eye candy on Nokia 500 which means you can scroll between home pages with the content moving with your fingers. With the Symbian Anna you get the split-screen and portrait virtual keyboard that are both great features although some might not like the fact that the smaller screen means slower typing speed. With this phone you also get the latest version of Nokia Maps. What this means is that the Nokia 500 can help you navigate across 90 countries for free even when you are offline. It also provides US live traffic, so you get great technology for a bargain.

Being sold as a phone that is meant to be affordable to the masses, Nokia obviously had to cut down on some specs and this happens at the screen for instance as you are only given a 3.2 inch plain LCD display to play with. The screen however still has a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels thus giving it the ability to churn out a pixel density of 229 ppi. This is rather important as it helps when you are trying to read all those small text. Sadly though, the screen on the Nokia 500 doesn’t provide too much in the way of viewing angles. It probably makes up for it by having a good brightness level.

Internet browsing on the Nokia 500 had its ups and downs. For instance, a faster CPU means increased speeds when browsing through pages and performing tasks like panning and zooming when compared to the Nokia N8 of Nokia C7. However, the browser on the Symbian Anna does not provide support for Flash and its rendering performance also leaves it wanting. When viewing complex pages, you might face some lag when scrolling through the page, but otherwise the screen makes reading text easy as the text is clear and crisp. It has the usual connectivity options on board like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and aGPS plus it’s a GSM phone as well.

On the back of the Nokia 500 is the 5MP camera which comes to life with the press of a small icon on the right. The phone does not provide for a dedicated camera button so when you are in the camera interface, you come across a hug shutter button on the screen that you cannot miss. The results from our snaps show that the camera actually performs decently as the pictures produced sharp details and good colors although at times it had the tendency to highlight violet aspects in the picture. Pictures taken in low light conditions obviously were not that good as there is no LED flash to go with the camera. The Nokia 500 was also probably never meant to take videos as it only provides VGA recording capabilities at a rate of 15 fps.

It is important for the Nokia 500 to excel with its performance and it does just that with excellent call quality. The earpiece worked great as there was no distortion with our caller’s voice and it was loud too. On the other end, we were told that our voice sounded loud and clear. However, there is no noise-cancellation mic as found in the Nokia 701 thus causing the phone to capture some surrounding noise. Battery life is rated at only 5 hours of talk time while using 3G meaning it doesn’t excel in this department.

Pros and Cons


The Nokia 500 is a cheap phone for some decent specs. It has been designed to look pretty as well. Good pixel density makes smaller text readable.

Sadly Nokia has completely ignored video recording on the Nokia 500 as it only gives you VGA resolution and a rate of 15fps. There is no flash as well. Symbian Anna could have been replaced with Symbian Belle.



Affordable but still putting in some good performance means that Nokia has managed to get the perfect balance with the Nokia 500. There might be a few things that could use a little bit of work, but we still think this phone will be worth every penny.